Un-Conference: Saturday, 13th February 2016


Ahoy! Berlin
Wattstrasse 11
13355 Berlin

Schedule Un-Conference

8:30 Doors open: Registration
9:00 Warmup & Intro
9:30 Session planning 1
10:30 Sessions 1a
11:15 Short Break
11:30 Sessions 1b
12:15 Lunch
13:15 2nd Session planning 2
13:30 Sessions 2a
14:15 Short Break
14:30 Sessions 2b
15:15 Short Break: Feedback
15:45 Sessions 3a
16:30 Short Break
16:45 Sessions 3b
17:30 Wrap-up
English & German

Leancamp Berlin #3

Leancamp Berlin is a high-energy multi-track un-conference where attendees can attribute 30 min talks, workshops or Q&A sessions through the whole day. We’ll have about 30 different sessions in maybe 5 tracks. A track will take place in a certain room and run all its sessions there. All of a track’s sessions will most likely cover a similar topic or genre. In these two videos from Leancamp Berlin 2012 you can see what a Lean camp will feel like, how session planning works out, and what happens in the sessions:

The goal of Leancamp Berlin is to exchange knowledge between attendees. Discover new methods and learn from persons, startups or other corporations who are practicing approaches like Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Business Model Innovation, Lean Marketing, Effectuation, Customer Development, Agile, SCRUM, Kanban, UX and productivity. Also feel free to ask for help and get actionable feedback on your current challenges in your life, work or business idea.

Meet new innovative people and expand your network. Learn from others, dip into new knowledge, expand existing practice, have fun, grow.

Join our Leancamp Berlin Facebook Community and use our Twitter Hashtags #BerLEAN or #Leancampbln!

Tickets (including food & drinks):

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Ambassadors attending

Wolfgang Wopperer (Bild)

Wolfgang Wopperer

Maker of #ProductField and Founding Manager at mindmatters

Holger Nils Pohl (Bild)

Holger Nils Pohl

Visual Facilitator and co-creator of #PlayingLean

Markus Hippeli (Bild)

Markus Hippeli

#Kanban expert and manager at Leanovate

Frederike Beha (Bild)

Frederike Beha | Creater  & Founder of #Business Model Toolbox

Daniel Kutschenko (Bild)
Daniel Kutschenko | Manager at BlueOceanStrategy Partners
Claudia Nicolai (Bild)
Claudia Nicolai | Academic Director & Program Manager HPI #School of Design Thinking
Ralf Westbrock | founder at str84wd and organizer of the LeanStartupMachine in Munich

Alejandro Lecuna (Bild)
Alejandro Lecuna | Strategic Design Professor at Design Akademie Berlin
Stefan Wolpers | Agile Coach and Project Manager & Maker of Age of Product

Volker Scholz (Bild)
Volker Scholz | Managing Partner with #mm1 and expert in #LeanStartup
Arndt_Pechstein (Bild)
Dr. Arndt Pechstein | Founding Partner phi360 & Director Biomimicry Germany Think-Tank

Organizer Team

Gregor Gross (Bild)

Gregor Gross

CustDev, Productivity, Sketchnotes, agile hardware (

Rene Junkes (Bild)

Rene Junkes

evolwe – connect to evolve
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Wattstrasse 11
13355 Berlin
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