What’s involved in organising a Leancamp or Source Summit.

T-Minus: 12 weeks

  • Organizing team of 2 or 3 people is finalized.
  • 30min kick off meeting with either Leancamp Falicitator.
  • Landing page opened. Start building the email list for interested participants.
  • Slack channel created. Internal communication for local team, and connecting them to the mothership!
  • List of communities: What communities are we going to invite to join? What do they have to learn from each other?
  • Ambassador wishlist created - community leaders who can help curate, think of topics, invite speakers and promote the event

T-Minus: 11 weeks

  • List of possible venues created. Hosting invitations sent.

Target: 4 venues contacted.

T-Minus: 10 weeks

  • Budget created: Sit down with your Advisors to walk you through the budget of previous events. Then make your budget together. This takes around 30-40 minutes.

Target: 150 emails signed up before moving on. Go/no-go based on signups.

T-Minus: 9 weeks

  • Venue chosen and confirmed.
  • Website launch: once the venue and date are confirmed a new webpage promoting your event will take the place of the existing MailChimp landing page.

Target: site launched.

T-Minus: 8 weeks

  • Website sales reviewed with Leancamp Falicitator. Generally, there’s either an awareness or a conversion problem - so further investigation is required.
  • Weekly standup call scheduled.

Target: 200 website visitors, 3-5% conversion on sales.

T-Minus: 6 weeks

  • Volunteer team recruited for event day. 5-10 people.

Target: 50% of breakeven revenue.

T-Minus: 4 weeks

  • Go / no-go decision with Leancamp Falicitator. (We need to breakeven by this point.)
  • Catering options listed
  • Travel & accomodation for external guests booked. (It’s easiest to give them our budget, a few options for travel, and get them to book travel for themselves.)

Target: Break-even.

T-Minus: 3 weeks

  • Catering booked.
  • Topic planning: contact the ambassadors to create a list tentative session topics with them.

T-Minus: 2 weeks

  • Email to participants. Remind them to promote the event. Invite them to Hackpad to discuss their learning goals and topics.

T-Minus: 1 week

  • Emails to participants: Another reminder, with last minute speaker announcements, and a list of some of the best topics from Hackpad.

T-Minus: 1 day

  • Venue check

Week After

  • Follow up email to community to thank them and invite feedback

2 Weeks After

  • Next event date announced with discounted advance tickets