Organizer requirements

The organizer must be a community builder amongst entrepreneurs. He or she must have attended a Leancamp or Source Summit before. As an exception, we could agree that some other unconferences qualify as well. (ProductCamp, BarCamp etc).


The organizer must be able to form a team locally and that team should be capable of selling at least 30 tickets on personal title, preferably to entrepreneurs. All team members organize Leancamps as individuals and should volunteer their time.

The organizer will work with a Leancamp Facilitator, who is trained to run Leancamps, do session planning and helps curate the talks of ambassadors. They’ll meet once every two weeks (according to the checklist as well) to see if milestones have been met.

Centralized ops and finance

Tickets will be sold through our Central Eventbrite account and the organizing team can manage the event as a co-admin. Same goes for website content and promotions.

A Facilitator will be assigned by Leancamp and will help the team prepare as well as be the main facilitator for the day itself. He/she will get expenses covered.

A budget will be prepared and based on a point-of-no-return we’ll compensate some pre-payments to prepare for the event, limited to pre-payment to the catering company and other costs.

Any profit will be for the Leancamp global organization and will be earmarked to enable a Leancamp organizer to take more risk organizing a subsequent unconference.

Targeting potential leaders

Organizers can become Facilitators at other Leancamps. We must promote that during each Leancamp and make sure that we also promote the possibility of organizing your own Leancamp during a Leancamp day.


In order to qualify, an organizer must run an interest campaign and collect at least 50 to 150 email addresses. The Leancamp Facilitator will create a landing page for that purpose.

Once we have a substantial list of interestees we’ll jump in and set things up and follow the guide and checklist. We should be completely transparent on that status of such campaigns.