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Un-Conference: Friday, 20th November 2015

Warm-Up (optional):
Thursday, 19th November 2015
Deep Dive Training (optional):
Saturday, 21th November 2015


Robert Bosch GmbH
Zentrum für Forschung und Vorausentwicklung
Robert-Bosch-Campus 1
71272 Renningen

Schedule Un-Conference

8:30 Registration
9:15 Session planning
10:00 Sessions
12:30 Lunch
13:30 2nd Session planning
14:15 Sessions
15:45 Coffee Break
16:00 Sessons
17:30 Wrap-up
German (Primary) & English

Next Leancamp in Stuttgart: July 23rd, 2016! Click here.


We will turn Stuttgart into a 3-day Hub all about accelerating your (Corporate) Startup-Efforts:

This is the Pre-Conference Day, meet and greet people, check out the Neckar Valley and getting pumped for the Conference! Join our free pre-events on Facebook here!

  • 14:00 – 17:00
    Lean Startup Intro – free for everybody: Entrepreneurs and (Corporate) Startup-Teams, that is new into Lean Startup or need a simple refresher, our friends from MAK3it are offering a free training to learn all the basics and vocabulary so you are well prepared for the Conference the next day.It will take place at the new Accelerate Spaces in Stuttgart (Rotebühlstr. 87E, 70178 Stuttgart)
  • 17:30 – 19:00
    • Expert-Talk with Rob Fitzpatrick. Rob is the Author of the Book “The Mom Test” and shows you how to validate your product and feature ideas by customer interviews before you build anything, preventing you from burning money and wasting time.
    • Book-Release – Rob and Anastasia Podolean will release the German Publication of his Bestseller on how to talk to customers the right way “Der Mom Test”.
  • From 19:30

Finally, the Day of the 4th Leancamp Stuttgart. Get ready to expand your network, learn a lot of new things and become personal advice on your current challenges!

  • Arrive: Take a Ride on the S-Bahn to Renningen. From there, one of the free Shuttle Busses sponsored by the Bosch Start-up Platform brings you in under 8 minutes to our massive Venue: The new Bosch Campus, a high-tech complex of several buildings combining Robert Bosch’s Research efferots!
  • Doors Open at 8.30 AM – take your name badge, enjoy coffee and a little bit to eat and start networking.
  • Leancamp starts at 9.30 AM. There is no pre-defined Agenda – all 150+ Attendees are invited to collaboratively create the Agenda for the Day. We have 5 different rooms and tons of different session-formats, like talks, open question sessions and Fishbowl-Discussions. One Session is about 30 minutes long and will take place in parallel, so we have over 30 Topics you can choose from. Use your feets to move at any time.
  • Lunch and Drinks are sponsored by our Host, Robert Bosch and the Bosch Start-up Platform. Yeah! They will be also enough breaks to network.
  • Leancamp ends around 6 PM – what a great day full of gained knowledge on Tools, Hacks and more on Design Thinking, Marketing, Customer Development, Growth Hacking and Business Modeling.
  • Founders’ BBQ Special Leancamp and it’s partners will sponsor the famous “Gründergrillen Stuttgart” at Schankstelle near Hauptbahnhof. Don’t stay up too late, the next day will be exciting! BBQ and Drinks on your own expense.

Our Ambassadors and several Experts from the local Startup-Scene offering hands-on Deep-Dive Trainings on various topics! Gain actionable knowledge within one or two of these 3-hour long intensive trainings. You have to book these workshops separately here, max. 16 Slots per Workshops are available.

Morning (9 AM – 12 AM)

The Mom Test – How to talk to customers

Your time is valuable. Don’t risk wasting it by having bad customer conversations. Join this workshop to understand how to talk to customers and learn if your business is a good idea when everyone is lying to you before building something, nobody wants.

Language: English

Price: 96€, Bootstrapper: 48€ (+MwSt)

Location: Stuttgart Startup Campus, Teckstraße 62 70190 Stuttgart

Rob Fitzpatrick, Author & Startup-Coach, The Mom Test

Anastasia Podolean, Customer Interview-Coach


Create an Elevator Pitch and Start a TED Talk

Can you be as compelling as a 3-minute TED talk? Of course! Have fun learning how to create the 30-second pitch for your product idea or founder story. From there, we will learn what do do when the elevator doors open: the fundamentals of creating a (slightly) longer talk.

Language: English

Price: 96€, Bootstrapper: 48€ (+MwSt)

Location: Accelerate Spaces, Rotebühlstr. 87E, 70178 Stuttgart

Carolyn Gale, Owner, Elevator Talk Press and Co-Founder, PresentationCamp



Afternoon (1 PM – 4 PM)

Idea Validation – A hands-on crash course

Learn what I wish I had known, before I tested 100 ideas in past two years.
Create a simple landing page with WordPress to test your ideas fast while maximizing your learnings.
Setup Google Analytics and Adwords to gather actionable data for your team, stockholders and investors.
Collect emails of your first users with Mailchimp to invite them to customer interviews and recruit beta users.

Language: German + English (if non-German participants are present)

Price: 96€, Bootstrapper: 48€ (+MwSt)

Location: Stuttgart Startup Campus, Teckstraße 62 70190 Stuttgart

Ben Sufiani, Founder & Growth Hacker


Any questions left? Feel free to contact us!


Ambassadors attending

Rob Fritzpatrick

Author of the Momtest

Karl Heinz Tondo

Co-Founder of AB3D


Ben Sufiani

Founder & Growth Hacker

Christian Häfner

Founder of Fastbill

Alexander Buddrick

Bosch Start-Up Platform

Carolyn Gale

Owner Elevator Talk

Salim Virani

Founder of Source Institute and Leancamp

Dr. Cyril Vancura

Senior Investment Director at Robert Bosch Venture Capital GmbH

Organizer Team

Daniel Bartel

Birte Moyé

Rui Lun Tran

Next Leancamp in Stuttgart: July 23rd, 2016! Click here.




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